The Rock and Roll Playhouse is a weekly family concert series providing kids and parents a place to inspire creativity through music across the country at venues such as Brooklyn Bowl, Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, Industry City, Thalia Hall, Ardmore Music Hall, The Sinclair, The Boulder Theater, Marathon Music Works, Echoplex, The UC Theatre, Mohawk, and First Avenue. Performing songs created by the most iconic musicians in rock history, The Rock and Roll Playhouse band offers its core audience of families with children age ten and under games, movement, stories and an opportunity to rock out in an effort to educate children and explore their creativity. As such, The Rock and Roll Playhouse is an early and often first introduction to a child’s lifelong journey with live music and rock and roll. Come play!

The Rock and Roll Playhouse knows that little ears are sensitive, so we turn down the volume at our shows. However, all kids experience music differently and you may find that your child is more comfortable wearing hearing protection earmuffs, such as Baby Banz, which are available for purchase here.


“Not only were there so many Deadhead parents there loving the music, but there were adorable tie-dye clad toddlers bopping around, and the RRPH staff had activities like the parachute game on-hand to entertain them. My daughter was smiling ear to ear, and my husband and I felt like we could actually enjoy ourselves.”

“Children are encouraged to ‘move, play and sing’ to the music, creating a space within which they can discover new comfort zones with and around music.”
In New York

“Regardless of the music, it’s easy to see why Rock and Roll Playhouse is so successful. Lest we forget, or try to make ourselves forget, live shows offer ecstatic communion. To be able to share that fun with your kid is, to quote a true artist, ‘a boy’s dream.'”

“For two hours, the venue is swarming with children, parents and babies rocking out to Prince, The Allman Brothers and Fleetwood Mac. Mom and dad are grooving to the songs that played when they met, while their kids are dancing alongside them. It’s quite literally fun for all ages.”
The Observer

“The Rock and Roll Playhouse workshops at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl are a wild way to spend a Sunday morning. They offer unique, interactive live music experiences for little rock stars of all ages (and their parents!)”
Mommy Nearest

“You take the fam to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg because you’re all about that Blue Ribbon fried chicken. (Plus, you love those weekend concerts that are geared to kids!)”
Mommy Nearest

“Small children aren’t shy about rocking out — especially if you provide the right tunes. In this series from the Rock and Roll Playhouse, geared to music fans 7 and under, young participants will move, play and sing while listening to works from the classic-rock canon.”
The New York Times