How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets to all of our shows can be purchased directly from each venue’s website and box office. We advise that you DO NOT buy from Facebook groups or secondary resale operations due to instances of fraud and scams. Tickets sold anywhere other than the host venues for our shows cannot be verified.

Are my tickets refundable?

Please reach out to the venue for any refund requests pertaining to shows postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19.

Does a baby need a ticket?

Children aged one and under are admitted free to The Rock and Roll Playhouse’s shows and do not require a ticket.

How long is the show?

One hour.

How long after the doors open does the show begin?

Based on the security measures each venue has, door times vary from venue to venue. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before show time.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, strollers are allowed at our shows but at some venues there is a limited capacity, and you may need to put your stroller in a designated area. We do suggest bringing a baby carrier for the little ones to allow you to easily move around the venue.

How are kids engaged at the shows? What kinds of activities are involved?

All of The Rock and Roll Playhouse shows follow a similar format for activities that we pair with the music. There will be a hello song followed by a rock and roll jump, rainbow streamers that will encourage the kids to move around during the show, a giant parachute to run under and play, and other activities such as call and response songs and the freeze dance. The musicians on stage will play the music in the same way that you have grown to love it… without the really long jams.

Is there a live band or just a DJ playing tracks?

There will always be live musicians performing unless stated otherwise on our event page.

Can I request a song or will you share a set list?

Sorry, we can’t share a setlist until after each show. You can email us or ask the band for a song request and we will try our best.

Does my child need to wear headphones?

The Rock and Roll Playhouse knows that little ears are sensitive, so we turn down the volume at our shows. However, all kids experience music differently.

Will it be dark in the room once the show starts?

The room will be darkened, but we do keep house lights on and there will be lights on the stage.

Will there be strobe lights?

No, The Rock and Roll Playhouse does not use strobe lights at our shows.

Will there be places to sit?

All of our venues are different, with some having more available seating than others, but all venues have some form of seating available at our shows.

Can I drop off my child at the event?

No. All children must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver.

Who can I contact to provide feedback?

We love any and all feedback! Please submit any comments or questions to the inquiry form on the contact section of our website.