It’s hard to compete with computers, tablets, cell phones, and video game consoles when it come’s to a kid’s attention. We’ve got the perfect antidote to combat screen time, though!

At The Rock and Roll Playhouse, we believe that music is the best way to inspire movement in children. We’ve created a playlist full of dance-inducing tracks that will get the entire family up and moving in no time. As always, we’ve taken the hard part out for you guys by hand-picking all of our songs to make sure they are kid-appropriate, positive, and most importantly, FUN! Learn about more about our song-selection process by reading about 5 of our favorite tracks below before checking out the playlist on Spotify. Don’t be shy, it’s time to bust out your very best moves! 



1. “Shakedown Street”- Grateful Dead

This Grateful Dead classic and Rock and Roll Playhouse favorite is the perfect way to kick-off your dance party. Released in 1978, Shakedown Street is a groovy track that encourages us to give things a chance before we pass judgement. Use it as a warm-up to your dance party by encouraging your little ones to get shaking! Why not form a conga-line and follow the leader as you shake around your home?



2. “Sparkle”- Phish

“Sparkle” is an ultra silly song that will have your family in stitches. We love this song for its fast beat, funny lyrics and awesome instrumentals. Encourage your children to laugh, sing and dance along – gaining speed with the tempo of the track until they “fall apart.” This is your opportunity to break out your silliest dance moves! 



3. “Ray of Light”- Madonna 

Madonna’s classic ’90s hit, “Ray of Light,” is a powerful tune with a feel-good message.  If you have any spare ribbon, scarves or pieces of fabric,  you can incorporate these into your dance moves. Have your children to pay attention to how their movements control the way the fabric flows and see if they can move the fabric along to the beat.



4. “Get Up Offa That Thing”- James Brown

In 1976, The Godfather of Soul gifted us with one groovy track! “Get Up Offa That Thing” is the perfect opportunity to introduce some body percussion. Encourage your little ones clap, snap, or stomp along to the beat. Maybe you can work together and high-five instead of clap. Whatever you choose, just keep dancing “’till you feel better!”



5. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

Our Moving and Grooving playlist would not be complete without this ’80s anthem. Share a little love by choosing a dance move for everyone to copy or embrace your inner diva and belt this one out together – the easy chorus will have the little ones singing along in no time.


Check out the full playlist below!


Phew! We hope this playlist got the whole family up and moving. Make sure to tune into our livestream series Live From The Playroom every day on Facebook for more music and fun that the whole family will love. 

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