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10 Tips For Teaching and Talking to Kids About Race

EmbraceRace partnered with MomsRising to put together a simple but comprehensive list of tips for parents on how to approach the subject of racial differences, cultural opportunities, and unconscious bias. These easy tips will help you take on this important topic and encourage your children as they grow.


Activities That Promote Racial and Cultural Awareness

PBS worked with Barbara Biles, M.Ed, an assistant technical assistant specialist in early childhood education, to compile a short list of activities you can do with your children to teach them how to be more racially and culturally aware. This list is broken down into age from pre-school to the early primary years, providing background on what children are understanding in those years and which activities would be best for them.


Thinking About Social Justice Through Crafts and Conversation

The Anti-Defamation League has published a fun list of activities, best suited for ages 3-12 years, will allow you and your child to spend time together with hands-on creative projects that act as a catalyst for conversations about diversity, respect, and inclusion. Each activity contains a follow up with an opportunity for your child to talk about their feelings and what they learned.


Talking to Kids About Racial Stereotypes

This tip sheet by Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy helps parents identify stereotypes in children’s programming and lists ways to explain what these images are and how to overcome generalizations. 


Coming Together: Standing Up To Racism

Sesame Street and CNN presented a town hall tailor-made to children to discuss racism and how to combat it.




20 Picture Books for 2020: Readings to Embrace Race, Provide Solace & Do Good

A healthy selection of links by EmbraceRace on where to find children’s literature on diversity and social justice.


Books with Characters of Color

A comprehensive list provided by Common Sense Media of children’s books and novels featuring people of color for ages ranging 2 to 17+.


18 Powerful Books About Race and Racism For Kids and Teens 

Rebekah Gienapp, an educator, activist, and mom, has published a list of picture books that spark conversation about skin tone, race, and racism. She has also provided a free downloadable guide for talking about race with kids that accompanies the list.




30 Educational, inspirational and Comical Children’s Movies Featuring Black Stars on Netflix

The Voice of Black Cincinnati compiled an index of readily available shows and movies on Netflix that feature African-Americans in their cast. This list ranges from family comedies and animated shows to educational films and action movies that will allow children of color to see themselves represented in the shows and movies they watch.


21 Kid-Friendly Movies & TV Shows That Educate About Diversity & Race

SheKnows rounded up engaging and kid-appropriate entertainment that can spark important dialogue with your family.




Mom’s Tip for Attending Peaceful Protest With Kids

Today has shared tips from a protesting parent on ways to inform you and your family on how to participate peacefully and safely in protests. 




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