We sat down with Adam Roberts, Musical Director for The Rock and Roll Playhouse, ahead of this week’s Music of Van Morrison for Kids concert at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, July 29. Check out what he had to say about this special musical tribute for children and get your tickets today for this Sunday!

Why do you think children should hear the music of Van Morrison For Kids live at the Brooklyn Bowl this Sunday, July 29?

Live music is where it’s at. Maybe you’re coming because you’re a huge Van Morrison fan and you want your kids to get to know his music. Maybe you’re coming for The Rock and Roll Playhouse experience — an excuse to drink a beer, eat Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and dance around with your kids. It’s an amazing opportunity because it wouldn’t be possible if you were listening to Van Morrison somewhere like The Garden. That’s what RRPH is all about — bonding with your kids. Also, it’s extremely air-conditioned.

Can you speak a little more about why live music, particularly RRPH concerts are such a good bonding experience for parents and their kids?

It’s usually the kid’s first rock show. So it’s cool to have your kid in a rock club within a safe environment. It’s a special experience — here is a super cool vibe at the Bowl. It’s about exposing your kid to live music and experiencing that energy together. Sometimes they are six-months-old and just there for the entertainment and sometimes they’re seven and decide they want to pick up an instrument after the show.

Can you just paint a picture of a Brooklyn Bowl, RRPH summer sunday? What  makes it so special? Why should we bring our kids there?

Before the show we have music playing, and fun lights, and all the kids are rolling around on the floor. We bring out hula-hoops and start the show with a rock ‘n’ roll jump. If you’re a parent, you have the opportunity to relax in a bar setting and jump around with your kids while listening to your favorite tunes. It’s about making memories together.

Can we get a little sneak peak of the set list? Will the kids be moondancing?

“Moondance” is a song you can’t NOT play when you’re doing a Van show. And of course, the activities are related to the theme of the  song or a lyric. So for “Moondance” we might have shooting stars across the sky, we might not… “Brown-Eyed Girl” will happen…We often bring out the limbo stick…I can’t give anything else away so you’ll have to just join us on Sunday instead.