We’ve compiled the following nine Tom Petty songs in anticipation for our upcoming tribute concert to Tom Petty for kids this Saturday at Garcia’s.

Tom Petty is a musician whose songs instantly touch you on an emotional level. His many relatable songs about love, breakups, and the hardships of life resonate with all of us far and wide. The music is timeless and serves as a great introduction to rock ’n’ roll, with lyrics that can teach children about the ups and downs of life and especially, the art of growing up. Speaking from personal experience, Tom Petty was one of those first classic rock artists that I was exposed to by my parents that left me hungry to discover more about rock ’n’ roll. Here we provide you with a list of just a few Tom Petty songs that carry that special meaning. We hope your children enjoy

The Waiting

This song reminds us that good things are worth waiting for. Things will fall into place if you give it time. Do not settle for anything less than you deserve. Sometimes it can be hard to wait, for a love that treats you right or for that perfect job. Anything really. When you find it, you’ll know and it will be well worth it.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance

This song, interestingly originally titled “Indiana Girl” is a bluesy tune with lyrics that can really be interpreted in many ways. The song brings to mind those moments where someone, or something, comes into your life and breaks up the monotony, excites you, and inspires you. When they leave, where will you go from there?

Don’t Do Me Like That

Chosen firstly as it’s the ultimate sing-along song for you and your kids, this song also is important as it relates to the trials of break ups and karma. Love is hardly ever a straightforward process, and Tom Petty does a great job reminding us of that.

American Girl

I think we all have a time in our life where this classic song touched us in some way– maybe it was a rocking out at a BBQ or belting it out in your best friend’s car. We all have those fun, fond memories of this song and it’s about time your kids get on the train!

I Won’t Back Down

We love this inspiring, powerful anthem. Life is not always easy and sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and fight back against the things that stand in your way. Things don’t always fall into place, sometimes you have to make things happen and create the life that you want for yourself. When life gets tough, sometimes you just need to blast this song, sing it out, and take life’s challenges head on!

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around

We might be partial to this one due to our love for Stevie Nicks, but Tom Petty takes it to the next level by adding a dynamic, storytelling aspect to it—where you can feel the tension between the two and the lyrics are brought to life.

Learning to Fly

We always feel so inspired after listening to this tune. Life is a learning experience! We love that many of Tom’s songs inspire us this way, and remind us to not be afraid to try, even if you don’t succeed at first.

Even the Losers

Another classic rock anthem. This beautiful love song reminds you to appreciate the special moments while you’re having them and the connections with people that make you feel alive.


We love this beautiful and inspiring song because it serves as a reminder for you to live a life that makes you happy. You only have one life, and you can live it however you want to—life really is whatever you make it out to be, why not make it one where you feel free?