Some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood are the Saturday mornings my family spent doing chores around the house, but that isn’t because I have a passion for dusting furniture. I used to wake up on those mornings to my dad blasting his favorite music loud enough that you could hear it clearly no matter which room you were in, and it would stay on for the rest of the day. While most of the time it was Frank Sinatra or Louis Armstrong’s voices blaring through the stereo as I polished the living room coffee table, every Saturday he made sure to make time to play U2’s The Joshua Tree.

Even for a man who rarely ever ventures away from his usual classical line up, it isn’t hard to see how U2 could appeal to even those who normally never listen to rock music. Since their formation in the 70s, U2’s music has been moving people all over the world. Their powerful lyrics fearlessly confront controversial issues and push for peace. Here we’ve compiled six reasons why U2 is the perfect band to introduce to your kids to. I hope your kids will love listening to “Where The Streets Have No Name” and “With Or Without You” enough to make vacuuming around the house a chore they look forward to.

They Formed In High School

When Larry Mullen Jr. was only fourteen years old, he left a note on a bulletin board in Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland looking for students that were interested in joining a band. They played their first gig in St. Fintan’s High School. Sharing this with your kids can inspire them to never let their young age keep them from pursuing things they are interested in, whether it’s music or anything else.


They’ve Been Together For 42 Years And Counting

U2 has been together since 1976, and they have yet to replace a member. Not only is it rare for a band to stay together for this long, but to still have the same original members after releasing fourteen studio albums and playing seventeen different tours is really something special.


They’re Hugely Successful For A Reason

U2 has sold more than 170 million records during their career, and they’ve won 22 Grammys, more than any other band in history. They’re ranked number 22 in The Rolling Stones’ “The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time,” and they’re also in The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. There are definitely a few things everyone can learn from a band that has accomplished this much.


Their Live Shows Are Insane

Throughout their career, U2 has toured TWENTY SIX times. They’ve performed in football stadiums filled with over 100,000 people, and at the end of a set audience members can still say that the show felt intimate. They’re also not afraid to experiment with different stage setups, as they’ve done everything from performing on a heart shaped stage to incorporating a 200×45 ft. screen into their show. Taking your kids to see one of their live performances would be something they would never forget.


They’re Social Activists

U2 uses their platform to help better the world. They’ve been involved with a variety of different human rights activist groups like Amnesty International, Live 8, and Make Poverty History. They’ve helped raise funds for causes such as AIDS, abuse, music education, disaster relief, and animal rights, just to name a few. Bono is also a cofounder of ONE, an advocacy organisation that is fighting to help end poverty around the world.

They’ve released many different songs to draw attention to different social issues, from “Sunday Bloody Sunday” about terrorism, to “Bullet The Blue Sky” about the effects of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy acts on the people in South America. U2’s persistent efforts to fight for equal rights can inspire your kids to never give up on fighting for a cause they believe in.

Their Songs Encourage Positivity

Common themes in U2 songs are love, unity, and hope, whether they are light-hearted or hard-hitting. Songs like “Beautiful Day” and “Lemon” can instantly put you in a better mood. Their heavier songs have the power to motivate and inspire listeners. “Sometimes You Can Make It On Your Own” focuses on the positives that came out of Bono’s rocky relationship with his father, and the live version of “Walk On” they performed after 9/11 sent a positive message to the families and survivors who needed it. There is a U2 song to help your kid get through whatever obstacle they are facing.