Last weekend, we were treated to quite the surprise on Saturday at The Capitol Theatre when our house band was set to perform The Music of The Rolling Stones promptly at 3 PM. The house band performed a lively set, carefully selecting the best from The Stones’ extensive catalog, including a wild rendition of “Paint It Black” to cap off the set. Still, it was the opening star-studded drop-in that wowed the audience, setting the stage for the show that followed. As we like to say, you never know who will stop by to deliver a special performance at our shows completely unannounced. This, along with many other aspects of the programming, is what makes each event truly unique.

Ahead of his evening performance that was scheduled to take place at The Capitol Theatre, Anders Osborne himself, along with a talented cast including Jackie Green and Eric McFadden, took the Garcia’s stage. Introduced by our own, Adam Roberts, who performed alongside the trio of talent, they went on to play a three song set of Stones’ classics for an audience of wide-eyed fans.

The best part? We caught many of the highlights on tape! Among them, a stellar performance of “Dead Flowers,” captured by photographer, Joe Madonna.

Their cover of “Wild Horses” seemed to be a crowd favorite, and families everywhere could be seen smiling ear-to-ear, dancing, and beaming with excitement surrounding the surprise sit-in. No one could have anticipated it – Not even us! As you can see, parents and music lovers were not the only ones excited by the unannounced show opening, but the little ones loved it equally as much. Check out more footage from Saturday’s show, as featured on our Facebook page, below:



We want to thank Anders Osborne, Jackie Greene, Eric McFadden for taking the time out of their day to play a short set for us at Rock and Roll Playhouse. Everyone truly had a blast! Last weekend seems to be only a glimpse into what’s to come. Some surprises are still under wraps and we have no way of anticipating what special guests might join us for unannounced, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the whole family, but one thing’s for sure: You won’t regret joining us for our family concerts!