This Sunday, April 2nd, our family concert series featured Stella Blue’s Band. Before the band took the stage, Paolo from our house band did a special reading of the children’s book, “Octopus’ Garden” by Ringo Starr in celebration of International Children’s Book Day. Following the reading, Paolo performed a set of Beatles covers to kick off the music-filled afternoon. The kids enjoyed an interactive version of “Yellow Submarine” most, taking turns calling out their favorite colors from red to magenta, and back to yellow, which were all incorporated into a new version of the tune. Check out the live video of this special, audience-inclusive performance on our Facebook page.

Just before 1PM, Stella Blue’s Band took the stage, to the obvious delight of all of the parents in the crowd. They played a selection of Grateful Dead songs, such as “Bertha,” highlighted below in our Facebook live stream. It’s safe to say that Stella Blue’s Band had everyone in attendance jamming out to the best of the Dead. It was a truly exciting moment for our Dead-loving parents to share their passion for live music with their little ones.

Thank you to everyone who came out despite the gas main break in the neighborhood which limited the menu to a selection of cold drinks and appetizers. We hope the music was able to make up for the unavoidable neighborhood wide gas issue! For all of our reggae fans, don’t miss out on The Music of Bob Marley next Sunday at Brooklyn Bowl. Grab your tickets here.