Alyssa Cowit has made a name for herself by preserving some of the best one-liners overheard in the classroom, and we can’t get enough of these little ones and their innocent wit!

We are heavy in anticipation for Sunday, May 14th, where we’ll spend the afternoon honoring all of our moms and their tireless hard work with a special family concert featuring The Music of Madonna! We’ve also enlisted the help of a very special guest for our Mother’s Day Special;  joining us is Alyssa Cowit, co-creator of the popular Instagram account @livefromsnacktime and co-author of the new book, I Did My Homework in My Head. During the show, Alyssa will have special readings by students and a book signing.

Alyssa Cowit, co-author of Alyssa Cowit, co-author of “I Did My Homework in My Head”

NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit was so fascinated by the questions and comments from her Kindergarteners that she wanted to find a way to preserve the infinite antics. Teaming up with co-creator, Greg Dunbar, the pair started an Instagram account in 2015, aptly named @livefromsnacktime, to chronicle them. Alyssa believes children are honest and curious, and while often perplexed, they’re brilliant – and that it’s a teacher’s job to take what children say seriously. Alyssa wants to help adults understand that children are not always acting outrageous to seek attention, but instead thinking out loud, soaking up new information, and solving problems 24/7!

From Cowit's Instagram, @LiveFromSnackTime From Cowit’s Instagram, @LiveFromSnackTime

Following their joint success with @LiveFromSnackTime, Cowit and Dunbar created a compilation book inspired by these silly one-liners from her Kindergarten classes. Thus, I Did My Homework in My Head was born. It features 175 brand-new quotes exclusive to the book – that celebrates the innocent (and sometimes not-so-innocent) revelations of children. From friends, siblings, and pets to lying, love, and homework, the wisdom and witticisms on Live from Snack Time have been picked up by Today, Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, and more.

This special event will be a great time for all, and is FREE for all Moms – a special way to say thank you for all of the hard work each and every mother puts in each day.

Tickets for our Mother’s Day Special can be purchased HERE


A graduate of Ithaca College, ALYSSA COWIT teaches at an elementary school in New York City. In May 2015, she started the Instagram account Live from Snack Time with GREG DUNBAR, now a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios. Together they have grown Live from Snack Time to more than 56K followers with accolades from Hello Giggles, Cosmopolitan, Babble, ABC News, and Ashton Kutcher. Cowit lives in New York City and Dunbar lives in Los Angeles.