Where do we even begin when talking about the creative genius of rock legend David Bowie? Bowie was ahead of his time, with performances that were experimental, daring, and truly visionary. His stage presence paved the way for many performance artists, creating a stage persona that made his shows a concert and theatrical performance. We’re constantly inspired to this day by the way he boldly pushed social constructs. People of all ages can gain a powerful understanding of the world through Bowie’s vision and lyrics. Here is a list of some of our favorite Bowie songs and why we love them. We hope your kids do too! Make sure to come to our family concert celebrating the music of David Bowie this Sunday, December 3! Get your tickets here.

Space Oddity

This classic song serves as a description of imagery and solitude going up into space. One may never come back (May god’s love be with you) but you’ll experience life in a special way and perspective that few else can. The song also touches upon the frivolousness of the media and commercialism. We know this once Ground Control inquires about what shirt Tom is wearing for the sake of the news media.

Ziggy Stardust

This song is filled with great futuristic imagery and appeals to the imagination. The concept of Ziggy Stardust is an inspiring one… Bowie wanted to create a messiah alien rock star, and he used theatrical techniques to convince the audience that he was. He transformed himself into Stardust by wearing wild stage costumes and displaying imaginative, futuristic stage props. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy and launched Bowie’s career into superstardom. Your children will love the theatrics and the music!


We love this song because it reminds us of the ever-changing nature of life, and that change can be hard and uncomfortable but also a beautiful thing. Time will pass by no matter what, and it is better to embrace change than be afraid of it. This song also serves as a great coming of age tale in that some of the lyrics reference what young people must learn through experience, and that we grow wiser with time, facing the world, making mistakes and learning from them.


This song makes us realize that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Is being in the spotlight worth it? Will it make us happy? Bowie sings that fame puts you where things are hollow, alluding to a superficial world that is only skin deep. We ask ourselves important questions like “what does it mean to be happy” and “what is success”? It’s all relative and a state of mind.


This beautiful and haunting song, with an almost metallic sound, tells the tale of two lovers whose love is futile. Both know they can’t stay together but they are together for the moment. Not all things must last in order to have value and sometimes people make an impact on your life in just one moment. We learn to be mindful, live in the present, and appreciate those special moments when you’re having them.

Rebel Rebel

This rock and roll classic affirms that we must be proud of who we are, no matter what anyone says. If you’re not afraid to be yourself, you will attract other people with a similar mindset and the people who love you for you. Your child’s life is better lived authentically!

Lady Stardust

Another beautiful song about being true to yourself and not being afraid to express yourself. The people who make a lasting impact on this world are the ones who aren’t afraid to be different, and they are often ahead of their time. This song reminds us that in the end, we’re gonna be alright.


This standout classic, loosely based on “Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz, was perhaps one of Bowie’s most influential hits. The chart-topper told the story of the Starman, who had a message of salvation for the youths of planet Earth: Let the children use it, let the children lose it, let all the children boogie! Ziggy becomes the Starman’s earthly messenger, bringing rock and roll to all the young people across the globe.

Suffragette City

A true rock and roll classic that always makes us want to sing along. This song brings us back to the suffragette movement, which was a movement of women in the early 1900s that was instrumental in getting women the right to vote (1918 in England, 1920 in the US). A rockin’ piece of history through music!

Golden Years

This 1975 hit, which was originally written for Elvis Presley, is about the trials and tribulations of one’s life. Some days can be tough and overwhelming, but every day is a new beginning. These are your golden years and one day you might wake up not being able to do what you used to. This is inspiring for all and a reminder to get back up and keep swinging at life!